Why He Shared His Heartbreak Story With The Public:Lasizwe Explains

Why He Shared His Heartbreak Story With The Public:Lasizwe Explains

Lasizwe Explains Why He Shared His Heartbreak Story With The Public. Lasizwe’s relationship with his new man ended in tears as they say, after only going public . A heartbroken Lasizwe shared his pain with the world, and although confused as to why, many were very supportive of him.

The twitterverse woke up to a weepy Lasizwe, sharing how he got played by the man he’s being seeing since six months ago.

Tweeps have since been praising Lasizwe for his bravery of being so open about being dribbled by a partner and he has now revealed why he is so comfortable with being vulnerable in public.

The reality star first began his twitter support group by introducing himself and sharing that he was taught a very painful lesson by a sour break up.

“My name is Lasizwe and I got nyised by mjolo” he wrote.

Lasizwe continued to explain that he is candidly crying about the breakup in public because he is genuinely not the sulking type. He mentioned that he would rather laugh his way through a rough situation such as this, rather than be moping about it.

“I HATE SULKING! I would rather have us all laugh together at the situation I am than to rather keep quiet and be miserable! Life has to go on” he wrote.

The Fake It Till You Make It star further mentioned that he is being open and honest as a way to relate to his followers and showing them that even the people you look up have their downs, and it’s not the end of the world.

“The reason why I am so transparent with how I feel is to show you even the people you look up to go through sh**” he wrote.

If you missed what happened to Lasizwe’s new flame that he was smitten by, it turns out that he had his own agendas. After he was scheduled to make his way back to Cape Town from visiting Lasizwe for the Valentines month, he decided to extent his visit.

After the now former couple parted ways at the airport, Lasizwe bumped into him at a club in Johannesburg and all broke lose after that. The YouTuber shared how the confrontation went down and it seems like they are definitely over.

He has however mentioned that he doesn’t plan on removing his picture off Instagram because he is mature enough to accept that he was once a part of his life. For six month to be exact.

We hope Lasizwe heals!!

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