What goes around comes around. Jub Jub caught cheating

What goes around comes around. Jub Jub caught cheating

Uyajola 9/9host, Jub Jub, has remained strong on the Trending List on Twitter today, 7 August 2020, with the hashtag, #JubJubWasCaughtCheating. According to the media personality, he is aware that he often makes the Trends list, however this time, he is completely stumped as to how he ended up on there. He stated, “Trending is a standard for me, mara bathi I swid e’limandi se le yenzani manje”.

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Jub Jub was brought into the spotlight following the baby mama drama from the Life Of Kelly Khumalo premiere. He also shared shady tweets which suggested that he felt some type of way about being mentioned in the show, which subsequently ignited the hashtag, in Kelly’s defence.

Rumours have also emerged that Jub Jub has been caught straying from his wife, Zenith Mia, although no evidence has been show publically. #JubJubWasCaughtCheating also gained traction due to the irony of him being the face of Uyajola 9/9, which exposes infidelity.

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