Uyajola 9/9: Catches A Cheating Woman With Her Side Guy Hearding Cows In The Mountains

Uyajola 9/9: Catches A Cheating Woman With Her Side Guy Hearding Cows In The Mountains

If you are a fan of Uyajola 9/9, you just can’t wait for Sunday 21:00 to get your dose of excitment as Jub Jub takes on the cheating issue that was brought to his attention.

Just like they usually do, a guy called Thuso wrote to the show after he started being suspicious of his woman, she had changed her behaviour and felt Thuso felt the need to get Uyajola 9/9 to help him findout if indeed his suspisions were true.

“My name. Is Thuso from Matatiele, I called UyaJola 9/9 because I don’t trust my woman anymore, we’ve been good, there is something I am not putting my finger on, I want to know where we stand. Her behaviour have changed off late and I am hoping that you will help me catch her.

“It all started after I lost my job. She didn’t have the passwords on her phone, recently she is always on her phone, I had access to her phone, she keeps changing her passwords, why would she do that if she is not hidding something? What is it that she may be hidding in her phone?” he said.

After Jub Jub and his team did their investigations, that meant one thing coming, confrontations and the drama begins, but before that, Thuso’s blood pressure was already boiling after seeing the evidence Jub Jub brought.

When going for confrontations, they found the lady with another man having a good time sitting on top the mountain, having a good view of the mountain as the Xolani was hearding his cows.

When confroted, the lady said she was just there to fetch money from the cow hearder, they were sitting there just waiting for the time when he goes home and give her money.

“I told you I will go and fetch money. Why don’t you talk to me and bring the cameras. He think I am cheating on him. This guy is at work here, he is hearding the cows and I was just waiting for him to heard his cows and we would go to his home later where he would give me money. Please let the people go and their cameras and talk to me.

“I love you, I am sorry. I never thought you would catch me, I am sorry, I know you are angry. Please tell these guys to go away with their cameras so that we can solve this,” she said.

In the mean Time, Thuso was having a go at Xolani, he wanted to beat him up given a slight chance.

“I will beat you up, you are disrespectful, why don’t you break up with me and go back home, you can’t do this to me. You have passwords on your phone and do these things. This man will know me well, there is no business here, they are having an affair. I will beat you up, I will smack you,” he said.

On the other hand, Xolani was also not taking it, he wanted to fight back and denied everything he was accused of, he said they are not seeing each other, they are just chilling and would go and give her money once he takes the cows back home.

“We are not having an affair, I only asked her to wait for me and I would go and take the cows home and give her the money,” he said.

The woman tried begging Thuso for forgiveness, but he was not taking it, he was fuming and told her to go away



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