Update! Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 23 September 2020

Update! Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 23 September 2020

Zeenat says to Zara that I was standing with you when you needed Kabir, today my sister needs Kabir so I am standing with her. Zeenat gets call and says okay, I am sending someone, she leaves. Zara says to herself that I did a mistake of losing Kabir listening to Ruksaar and Zeenat, if Ruksaar is Kabir’s responsibility then he is my responsibility, I will be with him all the time.

Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 22 September 2020
Zeenat says to Kabir that they are shifting Ruksaar from ICU to wardroom, I cant go so you have to go. Ayesha says I can send Shahbaz, Kabir says no I will go. Zara says I will go with you, Kabir says no, you take rest. Zara says I cant rest when you are with Ruksaar, she asks Ayesha if she can go? Ayesha nods, Kabir and Zara leaves. Kabir and Zara are in car. Zara says will you really take care of Ruksaar? Kabir says its my duty, I have to unwillingly take care of her, Zara says till when? Kabir says till she is in coma, when she becomes fine then we will talk with her, he prays for Ruksaar to become fine. Zara says what if she is pretending to be in coma and is not really in coma? They come to hospital. Kabir says how are you sure? Zara says if she can plan to kill you to be with you then she can pretend to do all this to get care from you. Kabir says if this is drama from her then this is her last drama. Nurse says you are late, we have shifted her to wardroom 65.

Zara and Kabir comes to Ruksaar’s wardroom. They see her turned towards TV and are stunned. Zara whispers to Kabir that she is watching TV, she is pretending to be in coma only. Zara asks Ruksaar to stop her drama, you were watching TV. Kabir says this woman has crossed her limits, she is watching TV here, her sister is crying for her, family is worried. Zara asks her to wake up. Kabir says when we will tell family and they throw her out then she will wake up.

Nurse comes there and says what are you doing? Doctor have asked to make her sit in daytime like this. She makes Ruksaar lie again. Zara looks at Ruksaar and says her eye pupil are moving.. Kabir says listen. Zara says I am telling you this is drama. Kabir says she is in coma. Zara says I cant trust her, she tried to kill you. Zara takes out safety pin and says God forgive me but I have to do pin her so that we will know truth. She stabs pin on Ruksaar’s hand but she doesnt move. Zeenat comes there. Zara hides pin. Zeenat asks what did doctor say? Kabir says he said she will be fine soon. Zeenat kisses Ruksaar’s forehead and says wish you could see your husband here to take care of you, dont worry, God will make you fine soon. Kabir distracts Zeenat while Zara is about to stab her with pin but nurse comes there. She asks Kabir to help them pick her up. Zara says you dont have staff? Nurse says its lunch time, Kabir says actually.. Zeenat says he will help. Kabir reluctantly Ruksaar in his arms and puts her in wheelchair, Zeenat goes with Ruksaar and nurse. Zara is tensed and thinks that I will end Ruksaar’s drama today.

Scene 2
Zara asks doctor if patients can pretend to be in coma. Doctor says no patient did it before. Kabir whispers to Zara that Ruksaar didnt move her eyelids for 10 minutes. Zara says she must have practiced it. Doctor says I think my wife is practicing that too. Kabir laughs and says his wife must glare him without moving eyelids. Doctor says yes. Zara says I am not joking, Ruksaar can do anything to get you, she can go to any extent to put you in danger and I can do to any extent to protect you, can take on anything for you, I will bring out truth of Ruksaar’s coma drama, she leaves from there.

Kabir says to Zara that I didnt like the way you were talking to me infront of doctor.. I have an idea to put your idea to rest, we will know if she is doing drama or not, lets do it infront of Ruksaar.
Zeenat says to nurse that I will bring her medicine. She leaves.

Kabir asks Zara to do it. Zara says I cant do it, I cant put you in danger to find truth. Kabir says God with me and you are with me, I am doing all this to remove your doubt. Zara puts waist on his back.
Zara and Kabir comes to wardroom, nurse asks Kabir to help. Zara says your staff is still not here? she shakes her heard. Kabir helps putting Ruksaar in bed, nurse leaves. Kabir tells his plan to Zara. Kabir asks Zara to go to balcony and see if parents are coming? he silently gives lighter to Zara. Zara is worried but goes there. Kabir lights lighter, he burns his waist on back and screams that he has caught fire but Ruksaar doesnt react. Zara rushes to him but her dupatta gets stuck. Kabir is about to burn himself but Zara runs and takes off waist from him. Kabir washes her hand and whispers whose plan was it? Zara says I couldnt see you burning. Kabir kisses her head and says you are fool. He shows her waist and says this cloth doesnt burn, you had to look at Ruksaar and see if she will come to save me as I am her love. Zara says I couldnt think of anything when I saw your surrounded by fire, truly I cant see you like that. Kabir brings out safety pin and stabs it to Ruksaar but she doesnt blink. Zara says you can pin again. Kabir says no. He whispers to her that she is in coma for real. Salma says to Zara that things have changed, promise me to not ask for divorce from Kabir as Ruksaar is in coma and cant come between you both, promise me. Zara says I promise to not ask for divorce but I wont pray for Ruksaar to remain coma, I pray for her. Salma says I am proud that the girl who tried to kill your husband, you still pray for her, I am worried for Kabir, his wife tried to kill him and he has to take care of her, I pray that God free us from Ruksaar. Zara thinks and says I have found the reason, I found it, she runs from there.

Shahbaz says to family that in news it says that girl came out of coma after 8 years. Ayesha says I pray for Ruksaar to come out as soon as possible. Zeenat asks Kabir to call hospital and if Ruksaar needs anything special in her room when she returns. Kabir nods. Zara comes there and says tomorrow Ruksaar will not come but leave this house, all are stunned. Shahbaz asks Salma to sit. Zeenat gives tea to her and asks Zara what she said? Zara says I mean that Ruksaar’s time in this house has finished. All look on. Zara says to Kabir that tell me as a priest, if a woman tries to kill her husband then can it be a reason to divorce her? all are stunned. Kabir says if a wife tries to kill her husband then its a valid reason to divorce her. Zara smiles and says we have found a way to divorce Ruksaar, Ruksaar tried to kill Kabir, give divorce to her right now. All look on. Zeenat is hurt. Kabir says we know its a valid reason but calm down. Zara says divorce her right now, lets go, I dont bear Ruksaar in this house, when they call me second wife, I feel angry, divorce her now, I dont get sleep, I dont feel happiness, please divorce her. Kabir says you are right, we understand your pain, we understand your emotions but divorce her in hospital? Zara stops. Kabir says we can wait till she returns home. Zara says okay I can wait one more day. Zara says to family that I accept what Kabir said, I will wait till Ruksaar is discharged. Zara looks at Zeenat and holds her hand, she says I am sorry, I know you dont like me talking about your sister’s divorce. Zeenat says you are right, I didnt like it, not because its for Ruksaar but because its you, I never thought you could be so selfish, is this same Zara who fought against women getting divorced? is this same Zara who fought for women? all women here take you as a role model and you are saying all this? when its on you, you are provoking Kabir to divorce her, this is wrong. Zara says its not like that. She makes Zeenat sit down and says I know I did a campaign against divorce and I will always be against her but your sister.. she tried to kill my husband, she is a killer, I am just asking for divorce otherwise I can fight people who try to eye Kabir, I can beat them for him, tell you have a husband too, if someone tries to hurt him then will you be on your sister’s side or your husband’s side? if God had allowed to pray to someone else then I love my husband so much that I would have done sajda to him, all smile. Kabir is stunned. Ishq subhan Allah plays, Zara smiles and leaves from there. Kabir looks on.

Scene 2
At night, Zara is decorating her room, meinu ishq tera le dooba plays. She writes ‘Zara loves Kabir’ on board. Kabir comes there and sees it. Zara gives him a flower. Kabir asks what is all this? Zara says I have done all this for my Kabir returning in my life, this room was dark when you were not here but tonight I will light it up to welcome you, when Ruksaar comes from hospital, you will divorce her and I will bring you back in this room. She asks him to look around and ask how is it looking? He looks at her and says beautiful, she says I am talking about room, he says me too. He teases her with a flower, Zara runs flower on his face, she says just wait for tonight, tomorrow night will be you, me and this romantic night. She hugs him tightly.

Zeenat is in tears and recalls how Zara said to divorce Ruksaar. Zeenat says Ruksaar’s only support is her marriage with Kabir, my sister is unconscious, she has darkness only, I have to save her from this divorce.. God, I am in trouble, what to do? I cant hurt this family or this house or can see destruction of my sister.

In morning, Zara says this morning is good as Kabir will get free from Ruksaar today, she asks what you will have today? Alina says sweet dish. Zeenat comes there. Zara greets her and says I am sorry, I know you love Ruksaar a lot but I love Kabir too, I am not against Ruksaar but I am with Kabir, I want him, my Kabir, I want him all alone. Zeenat thinks I am not against you Zara but I am standing with my sister, I will try my best to stop this divorce.

Kabir comes to hospital, he asks nurse to change Ruksaar’s dress. Nurse says make her wear colors she likes, Kabir says I dont know her favorite color. Nurse says all husbands are same, you are her husband so remain with her, it will bring her out of coma. Kabir nods and comes out.

Zeenat is setting Ruksaar’s room and smiles. She recalls Kabir’s words that its a valid reason to divorce her. She gets tensed.
Zara sets her room and asks when are you coming? I am waiting, he says coming and ends call. Zara says thank you God for giving me pain, it made me realize how important Kabir is for me, he will divorce her and be mine fully, I cant wait.

Kabir brings Ruksaar home on wheelchair. Zara asks Kabir to divorce her. Zeenat says you will have to wait, he cant divorce her right now, Ayesha says why? Zeenat says its not proven if she tried to kill him, Ruksaar drank poison but it doesnt prove that she tried to kill Kabir, Ayesha says how will it prove? Zeenat says Ruksaar drank poison but she didnt try to kill Kabir, police has that poisonous juice, their report will prove if she tried to kill him or not, she only did suicide which cant be a reason to divorce. Kabir says you are right, there is still a doubt, it will prove soon if there was poison in jug or not. Zara says you are right, Zara says to Kabir that till forensic report doesnt come, I will take care of Ruksaar, I will take her to my room. Zeenat says Ruksaar is in Kabir’s nikah so ask for his permission. Kabir takes wheelchair and leaves from there.
Kabir brings Ruksaar to room, he lifts her and puts her in bed. Zara comes there and sees him, she asks him what are you doing? why are you doing all this? when Zeenat asked you to do it then its for me too. Kabir says I will answer your questions.

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