TheQueen! Secrets, lies and a shot fired in the Khozas bid to get back into the drug business

TheQueen! Secrets, lies and a shot fired in the Khozas bid to get back into the drug business

A week ago, we saw the Khozas resolved to get once again into the medication business and locate the new provider who has taken their seat. Shaka was given the undertaking – yet much to his dismay that his adoration intrigue, Thando, was preparing for a similar mission. The two were setting out toward a similar secret gathering.

Shaka shoots Thando

In an offer to see who the provider was without uncovering himself, Shaka recruited somebody to act like a medication purchaser. Thando showed up, totally confused that she was strolling into a snare. While she and the purchaser were talking, Shaka discharged a shot from a remote place.

That was the point at which he spotted, incredibly, that the provider was a lady – however he actually didn’t understand he’d shot his sweetheart. They are both in obscurity about one another’s mystery associations with the medication business, and we realize that the day they discover they’re at war, significant trouble will rise to the surface.

Hector Sebata is determined to raise a ruckus

Hector’s arrangements to assume control over the medication scene have turned out badly. He thought he had everything leveled out, yet when his dearest girl, Thando, gets shot, he understood the risk he has placed her in. Despite the fact that she’s alive, he’s resolved to murder the individual who shot her.

Yet, then again, he’s investing such a great amount of energy with Harriet and they’re managing everything well. Harriet doesn’t understand that he’s the man behind her little girl, Kea’s, demise, and the explanation the Khozas have no spot in the medication business any longer.

The Khozas are hitting a block divider

At the point when their underlying arrangement goes amiss, the Khozas think of another arrangement to discover who the new provider is. They welcomed Dollar over, at that point hacked his telephone so they could follow his developments and discussions.

While Shaka and the family hung tight for the data from Dollar’s telephone, then again Dollar had requested CCTV film from his office to show Thando the woman who professed to be Gracious’ previous customer.

As the situation starts to get interesting, we can hardly wait to perceive how the fact of the matter is revealed before them.


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