The issue between Nompilo Mkhize and Phindile Gwala has been resolved

The issue between Nompilo Mkhize and Phindile Gwala has been resolved

Actress Phindile Gwala has replaced the iPhone she damaged and apologized to her victim, Nompilo Mkhize.

Speaking to the publication, Nompilo said: “I can confirm that the matter is now under the bridge. The issue between myself and Phindile has been resolved. I met with her on Monday, she apologised and replaced my iPhone.”

On Saturday morning, Nompilo detailed how the actress allegedly assaulted her outside a Pietermaritzburg restaurant.

The incident resulted in Nompilo opening a case against Phindile.

The matter went viral on social media, resulting in Phindile receiving public backlash.

On Monday, the actress released a lengthy but vague statement that saw her being dragged even more.

“I’m aware of the statement. She issued it after our meeting. For me, it’s water under the bridge. I hope everyone can move on and forget this incident,” said Nompilo.

In her statement, Phindile did not reveal the details of the incident or apologize.

She posted on Facebook: “Over the past few days, the people of this country expressed their feelings following an unfortunate incident involving myself and Nompilo. It is with a sense of humility that I express my gratitude for the constructive criticism, guidance and support I have received from the people of this country of all ages.”

The actress went on to thank Nompilo and her family.

“Equally, I express my sincere appreciation to the family and friends of my sister.

Nompilo. Despite the hurt and high emotions that ensued after this unfortunate incident, the spirit of ubuntu prevailed and brought us together.

Without dwelling much on the legal issues, I do wish to point out that the spirit of ubuntu resulted in both of us withdrawing cases that we had opened against each other,” the post continued in part.

“Indeed, a new chapter has been opened. I believe that with the support of the people of this country, we will put the past behind us. As we move forward, I wish Nompilo all the best in her studies. Once again, I wish to thank the Mkhize family, my family and the people of South Africa for their support and guidance.”

-daily sun

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