Sorry ladies! Sicelo is taken

Sorry ladies! Sicelo is taken

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The thespian says growing up he always saw himself on TV. Sicelo says he initially aimed at carving a career in football, until he took a liking and passion to the world of entertainment.
“It’s crazy because I have always seen myself as a soccer player, while I grew up I saw myself as a TV personality, so in my mind I would play soccer and be on TV.”

“Growing up I used to look up to Msawawa, I’ve always seen me in him, my career in TV was inspired by the likes of Mxolisi Masilela, Oupa Malatjie the theater gurus from Tembisa,” he adds
He says his career in theater acting kicked off in 2015, and when he completed his matric in 2017 at Inqayizivela High school, he decided to train as an actor and a live performer for 2 years at the Market Theater.“Its like God knew that this was gonna happen that immediately after graduating you will go to work and no time to wait and break.””Teddy is pure ghetto but I am in between, so with him I get to enjoy the ghetto side of me, i get to be the actual Kasi Boy and with Sicelo I can balance between that and also his intellectual capacity.”


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The actor who portrays the fan-favorite character of Teddy in Gomora says he landed the role after his then lecturer advised him to audition after seeing a post of the show’s open auditions.
” I was like it’s fine let me go and try it out, but I’m not sure about these open auditions so I got there I auditioned and had a callback and after my third call back that is when I started taking it seriously and I said maybe there might be something here and after that that’s how I got the role,” he explains.
He says his rise to stardom was smooth sailing because he had no breaks in between.

When asked about how is he different from Teddy he says.

The actor portrays the character of Zodwa’s son played by Sana Mchunu, and he says starring alongside her on the show has been nothing short of amazing.
“It’s like when Kutlwano decided to cast us, he knew what was happening. The energy we had from the first day, it’s like we knew what we were doing. It’s like we knew our characters 3 years back and now it’s the time to portray them, so working with her it was god given.”

“The main thing I have learned from the Market Theater is playing and not being very professional, strict about your line, but just the idea of playing that’s the thing that we have, we play a lot, even before the director calls action, we have already established what we are going to being,” he explains.

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Sicelo says his character is loved by many kids because Teddy is an inspiration to them.
“A lot of people resonate with Teddy because he is young and he is kid that is why kids enjoy seeing this person who portrays this person who is holding a mirror they see themselves in.”
Speaking about what avid watchers of the show can expect moving forward from his character he says,
“People can expect the darker side of him and not saying he is going to be a bad boy but the saddest part of his life is about to come out right now and more heartbreaking moments. It’s not gonna be the usual funny guy anymore it’s gonna be very very sad,” he says
The actor recently bagged a nomination at the Royal Soapie Awards 2020 and he is is nominated for Oustanding Newcomer. Sicelo says he is proud of her nomination and for the love he has been receiving even from Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi

“That for me means that my work is being recognized and there is more to come and I am glad that people notice my hard work, immediately on my debut, so for me it means a lot it means that there is recognition in SA.”

The actor says he believes one can make a career out of TV acting, but it depends on what narrative you come to the industry for.
“You just need to not come with the perspective that you want money you need to have the love for the work after you have the love for the work put in the work, be committed.”
Sicelo and Ntobeko Sishi’s bromance has many on envy mode. The two have become Mzansi’s favorite on-screen duo, the actor says they have become friends even in real life.

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He says his character teaches Mzansi that life is very unpredictable.
“That life can be very unpredictable, one day you are this person one day you are that person and do not just assume that because this one is comes from this household they gonna be a better person one day they might work for you.”

Sicelo says he still lives in Tembisa and he wants to eradicate the perspective that if you are a celebrity you cannot stay in the location.

“I stay in Tembisa i don’t think I’m gonna leave anytime soon, That’s the typical perspective I want to get rid of that just because I am on TV I need to move nah, I cam still be the same person, I’m just a typical 9-5 person just that at my work there are cameras and you happen to watch me at 07:30 pm every week days,” he elaborates.

The 21 year old says he is off the market and he says his female admirers can console themselves.

“They can eat their heart out shem, I’am unavailable.”

Sicelo has also slammed a report that he is 35 years old following an article falsely claiming that he is 35 years old.

“I’m not 35 this things gets into me but I;m just like if you think that way then okay, but why don’t people ask?”

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