She was very deceitful Lamar Odom slams ex-fiancée Sabrina Parr 

She was very deceitful Lamar Odom slams ex-fiancée Sabrina Parr

Retired NBA star Lamar Odom, once again, publicly blasted his ex-fiancée Sabrina Parr – whom he claimed was ‘very deceitful.’ She was, like, really lying to me the whole time,’ the 41-year-old father-of-three lamented on Monday’s episode of The Real.

‘But I guess she got what she wanted, that was the “blue check,” so I guess I was good for something. Lamar said the 33-year-old fitness trainer was only with him for ‘clout’ and ‘fame,’ and she and her manager released a reality show about their relationship without telling him.

‘It was just about me and her. I knew what I was doing, I knew what I signed up for, but I would think that when you were putting it out to the world, you would let me know. That’s a greaseball move – something that I can’t respect, from her and that manager dude.

Lamar Odom

When The Real co-host Loni Love told the ex-husband of Khloé Kardashian he looked ‘sad’ he agreed. Lamar shrugged: ‘I mean, well, just when I talk about her it makes me sad, because I really don’t like anybody taking advantage of me especially for monetary reasons.

Parr and Odom – who began dating in August 2019 – announced they ended their year-long engagement on November 5.

The two-time NBA champ was promoting his fight against singer Aaron Carter in a Celebrity Boxing Match scheduled for June 12 at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City.

At 6ft10in, Lamar is nine inches taller yet eight years older than the former child star, and he’s been hard at work in the gym with trainer Xavier ‘Bad Pads’ Biggs.

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