Schumacher and Mpho’s marriage : Theft and war drama exposed

Schumacher and Mpho’s marriage : Theft and war drama exposed

Schumacher and Mpho’s marriage has been doomed from the start! Even sad to watch is the fact that Mpho loves Schumacher with all his shortcomings, and even defied her family by marrying him.

But what happens in the dark does not stay there as his lies have now surfaced.

Mpho found out that her husband stole R1,7 million from her.

Although he took it to save a friend Siyanda from the clutches of Dollar, he should have told her. That is what hurts her the most.

Where did he think he would get the money to pay her back when he doesn’t have a cent to his name and lives under a roof provided for by his father-in-law, Hector?

Now Thando, Mpho’s sister, is gloating at this revelation as she has always suspected that he wanted to steal the money. She went as far as packing his clothes and throwing him out of the house.

But Mpho loves her hubby and it might just be a matter of time before she takes him back since he is willing to fight for her.

The Khoza mansion was turned upside-down when Shaka’s son decided to run away and steal Harriet’s car. But that did not get him far.

In Isibaya, things between the Ndlovus and the Zungus are not dying down. Even when Sbu and Jabulani tried to end the war, there is a darker force at play that wants to watch them destroy each other – a distraction from their enemy.

-daily sun

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