Sad News!! This Monday Morning For Zuma As The State Rejects His Request

Sad News!! This Monday Morning For Zuma As The State Rejects His Request

Former President Jacob Zuma’s plea for a one-week postponement of his fraud and corruption trial should not be granted, according to the state.

Zuma was supposed to appear in the Pietermaritzburg high court on Monday, when he was expected to make a “special petition” for his acquittal without a trial. Zuma’s lawyers claimed that as part of the plea agreement, the former president would give oral testimony.

Zuma had asked a one-week postponement, citing recent public unrest and displeasure with the choice to hold the case remotely. On Saturday, he filed the application through his lawyer.

The state, on the other hand, stated in responding filings that the application should be denied. Prosecutor Billy Downer stated that a virtual hearing was not only “permissible,” but also “possible and suitable” in the case at hand.

It stated that the special plea might be addressed without the need for oral testimony. Downer adds, “The motion for a postponement, like the special plea, is another delaying ploy by Zuma.”

“The filing of a special plea has already caused a substantial delay in the start of the criminal trial. I argue that the first accused should not be allowed to further delay its determination, and hence the start of his trial, by filing a frivolous objection to the virtual hearing of the argument on his special plea,” he adds.

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