Reactions After Pearl Modiadie Backed Her Interracial Child

Reactions After Pearl Modiadie Backed Her Interracial Child

Here we are in 2021 and having an interracial relationship still seems strange to many. Pearl Modiadie didn’t only stop at having an interracial relationship but also had a baby with her European ex-boyfriend though he dumped like a hot potato a few months after giving birth.

The new mommy despite the heartbreak has been in a happy place as she enjoys motherhood. She usually takes to her social media to share the activities that she and her son Lewatle get up.

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So Pearl decided to serve her followers with “African mommy” vibes but it didn’t go as well as she expected. A lot of fans were surprised that she has a baby with a white man while some even referred to the little cute boy as “My Friend”. In most cases, it’s Asian (Pakistani) guys who are into the buying and selling that are called my friend…

While some had to rub salt into her wounds and said it was a pity that his dad left her. The funniest or oddest of them all was the ones who said she looked like a domestic worker with the baby on her back. You can check out the reactions below:

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