Rami Chuene reveals 2021 is about preservation

Rami Chuene reveals 2021 is about preservation

The star’s biggest lessons for 2020 were finding positives despite the chaos of the past few months.
What has been a rollercoaster year, an unexpected pandemic that many had never experienced in their lifetimes, the coronavirus changed how we live and deal with loss.

With 2021 around the corner, financial services company Metropolitan launched the “Mzansi Class of 2021, we start 2021 stronger” campaign to give some level of peace, hope and strength to move into the new year.

Centred around the three pillars, the first – reflection – encourages the country to reflect on their loss, the second pillar, connect, will allow South Africans to connect with people who have suffered a similar loss on various platforms through conversations and the final pillar, the collective, is about coming together to heal and overcome the challenges and losses faced this year.

Cebrities such as Somizi Mhlongo, DJ Tira and Rami Chuene will share what 2020 put them through and the lessons they learned, hopefully helping others.

Speaking to The Citizen, Chuene said: “We have come to a place where making decisions can make our lives better so that we can move on, carry on and pick up the pieces. We should be at a place where we know what works and what doesn’t work, we as a nation need to rebuild.

“The many new phrases that came out of 2020 was the ‘new normal’,” Chuene said, “even though our daily lives have been disrupted, this shouldn’t consume us”.

The actress on BET’s Isono has been tested multiple times for Covid-19 due to the nature of her job and set life. She revealed that people close to her did test positive for the virus but thankfully all of them recovered.

She described the time when Covid-19 was first detected in the country and how quickly it spread.

“At first you didn’t know anyone who tested positive for the virus, then you heard of someone who had Covid-19, or a friend of a friend. Then next thing that someone is very close to you.”

Chuene said following the Covid-19 rules was not only beneficial for herself but also for the next person.

“From the three pillars, we need to ask ourselves then what? Covid-19 has taught us to be accountable for each other, our minds have shifted. If we look at the positives, you will notice that people have become more tolerable, people are more understanding, kinder and respecting of other people’s boundaries.”

The star’s biggest lessons for 2020 were finding positives despite the chaos of the past few months.

Rami Chuene. Picture: Supplied

“Holding those close to us even harder, not fearing to ask for help… social media has helped with that [coping] too. What I have liked is that people have shared their problems, they have encouraged each other, it is a great way to connect, using social media in a positive light.”

She admitted that keeping her health needed to not just eat comfort food but the food she knew she needed. “When we say comfort eating it just not binge eating, I would have samp, dumpling, amagwinya, then mix up with a potato salad.

“[I was also] meditating, exercising and reading.”

At the start of every new year, resolutions are made. Going into 2021 is no different and for the actress, having a strong start is key for all of us.

“As a country, we never lose hope. I would say I am a very hopeful person. Start strong by looking for new work, creating new ideas, saving money, spending more time to ourselves and travelling by yourself.

“Including meditating, reading, prioritising things that will preserve your energy. 2021 is about preservation, putting our energy to more useful things, through that we can build a better year than what 2020 was.”

Chuene added that the year wasn’t all bad and that the broken pieces could be made into something beautiful.

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