Perhaps She Can’t! Tweeps Still Want Elana Afrika OUT

Perhaps She Can’t! Tweeps Still Want Elana Afrika OUT

Tweeps are still not feeling Katlego Maboe’s replacement, Elana Afrika!

Outsurance recently chencha’d daideng when they changed their brand ambassadors from Katlego Maboe to Elana Afrika. The commercials which feature Afrika now have a new slogan; ‘Perhaps you can’ and are completely different to Maboe’s slogan, ‘chencha daideng’ which was preferred by OUTsurance followers.

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Here are some tweets regarding Maboe’s replacement:

“Outsurance ads are not the same without Katlego but ke uElana Afrika uyazama shem with her energy.”

“#OUTsurance new advert with the lady…forgot her name. They aint even using her own voice.”

“So, Elana got the #Outsurance tender.”

“Just saw a new #Outsurance ad with no #OutsuranceGuv in it. It’s rough, neh?”

“What does Katlego and Elana have in common? Cater for both market. KG vele mmereko o fedile (KG is your job really over)?

“The new #Outsurance Ad with Elana Afrika is a joke.”

The company confirmed the change of brand ambassadors a few days ago after Maboe was dropped from the ads late last year following a scandal in his personal life.

A video of the father of one went viral after he confessed to cheating on his wife, Monique Muller.

The company decided to drop him after Muller levelled allegations of physical abuse against Maboe, which led her to get a protection order against him.

Then Maboe was reported to the police after contravening the order which resulted in the matter ending up in court.

Then Maboe denied all allegations of abusing his wife which levelled against him on his social media accounts.

Before Afrika was even hired as his replacement, following the scandal, Maboe was edited out of the OUTsurance ads he originally featured in where he would interview OUTsurance customers about their experience with the insurer, with the slogan ‘chencha daaideng.’

When viewers complained that it felt odd to see the customers speaking to themselves in the ads, the company hired Elana Afrika as Maboe’s replacement.

The company’s head of client relations Natasha Kawulesar released a statement after Afrika’s started appearing in the ads:

“As previously communicated we would like to provide Katlego with the space and time needed to deal with this matter in private. This remains our position.We have different actors on different ad campaigns – funeral, life and short term insurance. Elana Afrika is currently the personality on our short term insurance advertisements and we have received positive feedback on the new ads.”

Whatever happened to second chances?

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