Norma moves from Malusa Gigaba: Norma is bouncing back

Norma moves from Malusa Gigaba: Norma is bouncing back

Norma Mgnoma has been going through it this year. From being arrested for damage to property to getting a divorce from her politician ex husband. However, she is not giving up though she is still holding her head high and is encouraging other women to do the same.

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“I want to remind you that it’s normal to feel emotional or weak when things don’t come together and when you know you are stretching yourself to make them work.” She adds. “I have learnt that the most resilient people are not only strong people but people who are capable of seeing everything as motivation. “Always remind yourself that you are making an effort towards becoming that person you want to be. When you feel like everyone around you is winning and you are not, never lose hope, your time is coming. Stay motivated, focus and re-strategize.” she wrote on Instagram.

She went on to say that problems should be seen as opportunities for growth “Don’t allow obstacles to weigh you down, use them as stepping stones to climb higher.”


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