Mzansi famous sangoma who predicted 4 storms and bloodshed drops another bombshell

Mzansi famous sangoma who predicted 4 storms and bloodshed drops another bombshell

Remember the prominent sangoma who for the past three weeks has been consistently saying we need to pray and throw bones as a nation? Gogo Aubrey Matshiqi warned the country about four storms which would hit Mzansi. Barely a week after he prophesied about bloodshed, divisions of the ANC, hunger for the poor and mayhem in Nkandla, former president Jacob Zuma was arrested in Nkandla and his arrest led to bloodshed and lootings which have resulted in hunger. Zuma’s arrest also resulted in divisions in the ruling part as some of his loyalists in the ANC have been left disgruntled by his arrest.

Gogo Aubrey has dropped another bombshell. As usual, the sangoma, who is also a political analyst has hidden a message in a parable. He is alerting young people in this country to take stand and be ready to lead as time is almost up for the old people who are currently sitting the throne.

“To the young people of this country: If, as I believe, wisdom has deserted us the older generation. If, as I believe, our country is afflicted by a chronic dearth of elders, remember this: Ubudoda abukhulelwa. The wisdom of elders must now reside in you,” Matshiqi said.

Those who have wisdom to interpret parables are of the belief that Gogo is actually saying, vote for EFF led by a young man called Julius Malema.

In short, all he’s actually saying is that the youth of this country is more capable and smarter than its elders since well the elders have been given endless chances for countless times but constantly failed us. “I hear you. May those who have ears hear this attentively,” an interpreter said.

“Unfortunately the country is stuck with a sturbbon ANC old leadership who want to die in public service and not willing to pass the baton to the next generation. The current protesting events proven that the country needs a younger and dynamic leadership like EFF in government,” a Twitter user remarked.

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