Moshe says Death be not proud. Covid19 is real guys:

Moshe says Death be not proud. Covid19 is real guys:

2020 is a year we all rather forget about. The pain that has come with this year doesn’t seem to end. In just six months, Television actor and presenter Moshe Ndiki is mourning the death of two people that are close and dear to his heart. Following the death of his grandmother mid-year, Moshe has now laid his uncle to rest.

His bae Phelo shared the sad news through social media recently and warned people about the reality of Covid19.

In June this year, the boisterous and larger-than-life TV star, took to Instagram to reveal the shocking news.

In a long and emotionally charged post, Moshe said he has lost a pillar of his strength, a friend, and a granny. Although the presenter did not reveal his grandmother’s cause of death, he said he is angry at his loss and reminisces of all the fond memories they shared.


He further thanked his granny for always being there for him and loving him whole-heartedly.
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