Mohale Motaung Is The Biggest Looter In The Country

Mohale Motaung Is The Biggest Looter In The Country

Mohale Motaung was labelled a gold digger from the moment he got into a relationship with choreographer and media personal Somizi Mhlongo.

This was necessitated by their age gap, worse their marriage did not last more than one year, there were reports that Mohale filed the divorce. Mohale will never rest from social media as trolls are always on his case. The young actor and, entrepreneur and model can not do anything right in the eyes of people who labeled him a gold digger. They are convinced he did Somizi dirty; Mohale denied ever divorcing Somizi they are just going through a rough patch like any marriage does. Source

Mohale posted a picture and someone commented “the biggest looter in the country”The narrative of Mohale being label a looter by tweeps.



They is what they said What does Mohale do for a living? Phela he’s spending yoh… Looting? Replying to @mphonkgari_Apparently, Somizi established a stable business for him. And I’m not sure if he has already received Somizi’s half of the millions already as they were married in C.O.P. Replying to @dumisane_These streets are not for the faint hearted @Hlengiwe_TO If I’m the only one who is happy for whatever Mohale will gain from marrying Somizi then so be it. How many times have people warned Somizi?? Source

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