Menzi Ngubane’s friends tell his wife at memorial service: You were his reason to smile

Menzi Ngubane’s friends tell his wife at memorial service: You were his reason to smile

Friends and family gathered at AOG Sandton Church to celebrate Menzi Ngubane’s life. Image: YouTube It was a day crammed with emotionally-charged tributes as those on the brink of the late Menzi Ngubane gathered at the Assemblies Of God Sandton Church on Thursday for a memorial service fit acting royalty. Actors Thapelo Mokoena and Ayanda Borotho were the MCs of the day and commenced the programme with a flash of silence in Menzi’s honour. The veteran actor died on March 13 after suffering a stroke, aged 56. Ayanda expressed her heartbreak over Menzi’s death, saying she had believed him when he said last year that his time to die was faraway. This was after another death hoax surrounding Menzi went viral. His brother, Bonny Ngubane, also spoke about how the death hoaxes always angered the family.

He then asked for media and other people to be sensitive to Menzi’s wife, Sike, and therefore the family. He thanked Sike for loving Menzi so well. Songstress Judith Sephuma gave a heartfelt performance as she sang a rendition of Andrea Bocelli’s The Prayer amid Pastor Given Mabena of Joyous Celebration fame. Actress Sonia Mbele, Baby Cele, Sophie Lichaba and make-up artist Bongi Mlotshwa were spotted within the congregation that gathered, while the likes of Siyabonga Shibe and Portia Gumede tuned into the live stream on YouTube to bid Menzi farewell. Here are a number of the foremost touching moments from the service: “You were his reason to smile” When veteran actor Patrick Shai spoke, he joined many of Menzi’s friends who gave Menzi’s wife her flowers. “I want to mention, had it not been for you Sike, Menzi wouldn’t are ready to smile on set. Had you not been the person Menzi could run to with all the dynamics on set, his health challenges and industry issues, had you not been the type of woman you’re, Menzi wouldn’t are the type of Menzi that we speak of so fondly today.

i would like you to reside within the comfort that you simply contributed immensely to the Menzi you gave to the industry,” Patrick said. Menzi’s wife Sikelelo. Menzi’s wife Sikelelo. Image: YouTube Menzi’s presence … Both Sonia and Thato Molamu recalled stories from their days together on the set of Generations. Sonia got a fright when the frame broke and Menzi’s photo fell behind her as she spoke. She became teary then moment, saying she felt Menzi’s presence. Thato applauded Menzi for fighting for actors. “Menzi Ngubane fought and stood with us from 2013/4 and he still to the present day believed the industry itself would change and build families, because it’s vital that if you’re giving of yourself and your children are watching you 20 years from now, they ought to enjoy the work that you’ve got given.” Sonia Mbele and Thato Molamu seen at Menzi Ngubane’s memorial service. Sonia Mbele and Thato Molamu seen at Menzi Ngubane’s memorial service.

Image: YouTube A goodbye from his Isibaya Ngwenya family An emotional Abdul Khoza, who played his on-screen son, had to carry back tears multiple times as he spoke about how Menzi treated him sort of a biological son. “I lost a father. He was a father to me at work and in life. uBaba changed my life during a way I could haven’t imagined,” Abdul said. Linda Sebezo and Linda Mtoba wiped tears as Abdul spoke, struggling to stay it together as emotions ran high. “As a personality, it had been written on behalf of me that i’m the type of son who swears that i will be able to never be like my father.

However, in real world, there’s no-one I search to and need to be like, only you … because there’s no-one such as you,” Abdul said. Menzi’s ‘Isibaya’ family. Menzi’s ‘Isibaya’ family. Image: YouTube Watch the recorded memorial service below:

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