Makhosi Khoza says I couldn’t understand why we had to protect Zuma at all costs

Makhosi Khoza says I couldn’t understand why we had to protect Zuma at all costs

Former African National Congress (ANC) Member of Parliament Makhosi Khoza said that she started posting on her Facebook page that she was disappointed that leaders, including President Cyril Ramaphosa and the late Jackson Mthembu, were protecting former President Jacob Zuma at all costs.

She is testifying about parliamentary oversight at the state cape commission.

She said that she felt that the party was not listening to the people who were marching in their thousands for Zuma to go and that those marches were being reduced to white monopoly capital.

Khoza said that the ANC leadership said that the party was under attack and that no MP would be allowed to vote against Zuma in a motion of no confidence but she believed that Zuma was a liability.

“I was very disappointed, especially with President Cyril Ramaphosa, who I considered as the architect of the South African Constitution, even in the ANC caucus meeting, I was expecting them to be forthcoming and I couldn’t understand why we had to protect President Zuma at all costs.”


Khoza said that former Communications Minister Faith Muthambi told that her if former President Jacob Zuma was happy with Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s qualifications, she would not question it because she had only one boss and that was Zuma.

She is testifying about parliamentary oversight at the state cape commission and the sabc inquiry into the former coo of the public broadcaster.

She said that Muthambi told her that she was not answerable to the ANC NEC.

“She said if President Zuma is happy with Motsoeneng, even with his qualifications, she has only one boss and if that boss is happy, she is also happy with that.”

Khoza said that Muthambi told her that Zuma wanted to appoint her as Minister of Finance and if he did, she should know he was her only boss.

Khoza said that she believed that allowing Motsoeneng’s appointment would work against encouraging people to get educated but Muthambi believed that Zuma’s word was more important.


Earlier, Khoza said that Des van Rooyen accused her of being anti-revolutionary when she warned former South African Airways (SAA) board chair Dudu Myeni not to remove pilots that she called “old and white” based only on the colour of their skin.

Khoza said that she warned Myeni to consider that those pilots were the reason SAA was considered one of the safest airlines in the world.

She said Myeni presented her proposals to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee that she was a member of.

“Des van Rooyen, my whip – the whip of the committee – then asked me why I did something that was counter-revolutionary and that was questioning the transformation agenda that comrade Dudu Myeni was putting forward.”

The commission said that Van Rooyen denied in an affidavit that the accusation was made.

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