Looking good mama! Simz Ngema, was on a slow and steady journey to get her pre-baby body back.

Looking good mama! Simz Ngema, was on a slow and steady journey to get her pre-baby body back.

Whilst Mzansi thinks this new mama was looking ravishing as ever after giving birth to her baby boy, Simz Ngema, was on a slow and steady journey to get her pre-baby body back. The actress gave her fans an update on her weight loss journey, and let’s just say, she is doing GREAT!

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Simz shared side-by-side images of herself from the start of her weight loss journey until now, and there is a clear different in her body. Although always looking beautiful, the new mama is able to rock a bikini with confidence, as she posed on the front steps of a pool. Simz managed to tie in a brand deal as she attempted to shed the pounds, crediting Supavite for being her meal replacement throughout. Although the brand has been helping her control her calorie intake, she revealed that she was still struggling with her diet and was constantly craving chocolate!

She stated, “Pic on the left is me now, pic on the right is when I started my fitness journey. @supavite we are getting somewhere. Been having the @supavite instant meal every morning, drinking 3 litres of water per day, doing 800 skips and 400 steps. I’m honestly still struggling with my diet. ichocolate Nkosi yami!!!”.

Simz and her boyfriend Tino Chinyani recently introduced their bundle of joy, Tiyani, to the world, after keeping their pregnancy under wraps for almost a year. Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani, was born in June 23 2020.

Speaking of her pregnancy woes more especially her weight gain, back in September 2020, Simphiwe said she cannot bind her belly as she is still healing from her C-section. Simz also revealed that she has gained more than 20 kgs, as a result of eating too much. This is expected as women suffer uncontrollable cravings, however her weight gain will not put pressure on her to lose it all at one go. She has given herself a month and asked people to not pressure her.

“Today Tiyani turns 3 months. I haven’t been binding my tummy because I had a C-section and I’ve gained 20kgs (I enjoy eating) but it’s time for me to start my journey of getting back into shape. I’m giving myself a year. Ang’funi pressure please! (I don’t want any pressure please).”

This was also a way for her to announce her paid partnership with Supa Vite. “Baking a whole human being is a big deal and I’ve learnt to be kind to myself. You can miss me with the pressures of “snap back” ngi right shame. I’m glad that my @supavite family is ready to help me get back into shape. Let’s go!”Our new sovereign Miss SA Shudufhadzo Musida is at last appreciating the advantages that accompany the crown. She has moved into her official habitation a fancy loft in Sandton and our great sister has just gotten comfortable.

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The Official Miss SA account took to Instagram to compliment her on her success and show her around her home for the term of her rule.

“Welcome home lovely Queen @shudufhadzomusida ! Cheers to all the recollections that you will make in this excellent home as you serve our nation with satisfaction!” they composed.

Look at her precious response to see the lovely loft.

Shudu likewise gets another ride and hers came as another white Mercedez Benz. Yes our young lady has formally joined the #GirlsWithMercs club.

She likewise got R1 million in real money!

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