Lerato Kganyago’s fans slam troll who said she’s ‘blessed’ she can’t have children

Lerato Kganyago’s fans slam troll who said she’s ‘blessed’ she can’t have children

Lerato Kganyago was tagged by a tweep seeking attention by talking about the radio personality’s inability to have children.
Image: Via Instagram
In another, unnecessary episode of Twitter clout-chasing at the expense of celebrities, radio and TV presenter Lerato Kganyago was coldly told to “rejoice” that she “can’t” have children because of how much work raising kids is.

Poor Lerato has been minding her own business and doing charity work, then out of the blue, and unprovoked, she was slapped with hurtful words on the TL this week.

A tweep decided to tag the radio DJ in her thread about why she isn’t planning on having any more children and why those who can’t have children should “rejoice”.

“So to the people who can’t conceive any children, by the likes of @Leratokganyago … Don’t be wretched, drowning in torment regarding watching others live their life “buoyantly”. They refrain about the adverse experience of raising children,” the tweep said.

A visibly heartbroken Lerato saw the tweet just as she was leaving gym and expressed how sad she was to be reminded of her struggles.

All Lerato could master was a brief response.

“Getting out of the gym and this is the 1st thing I read, is somehow a cold reminder.”

Getting out of the gym and this is the 1st thing I read, is somehow a cold reminder. G. Morning ♥️ https://t.co/zhtDX0H8IB

— leratokganyago (@Leratokganyago) February 1, 2021
Lerato has shared her struggle to conceive and past miscarriages on both social and mainstream media in the past.

In 2017 Lerato, who suffers from a medical condition called fibroids, revealed on her TL that she can’t have children after she had been bombarded with the question.

Lerato’s comment came after a follower asked her about having children. She replied to the follower, saying she hoped never to address the subject again.

I can’t have children. Hope I won’t be asked this question ever again on this app! https://t.co/lPg26BSJXX

— leratokganyago (@Leratokganyago) May 14, 2017
Lerato told True Love magazine in 2016 that suffering from fibroids made it difficult for her to fall pregnant. Despite the odds against her Lerato fell pregnant in 2015, however she suffered a miscarriage five months later.

Speaking to talk show host Anele Mdoda, on Real Talk with Anele, Lerato explained that the 2015 miscarriage was actually one of two miscarriages she suffered in recent years.

“I have actually lost two children. I have only spoken about the (most recent) one because it was the one that affected me the most. That was when I really wanted to have a child,” Lerato said.

Meanwhile, Lerato’s fans swiftly came to her defence and shut down the thread maker, whom they labelled “vile”.

Here are some of the tweeps who came to LKG’s defence:

Yesses people are weird maan

— Thembz (@Thembeka__) February 1, 2021
We need to pray for that lady to be delivered from darkness she is vile creature geez.The hatred that woman have for each other is appalling. Ladies we need to stop fighting one another and stand up for each other🙌 pic.twitter.com/mrmeS4nkpk

— Tebogo Lekalakala (@TebogoLekalaka5) February 1, 2021
Thing is LKG revealed she can’t have children. I’m weirded by her being tagged and reminded of that pain once again, unprovoked!!! Like how weird do u have to be to pull such a stunt??? I genuinely fail to understand human beings sometimes. The Twitter ones are just the worst🤦🏽‍♂️

— April Fool’s Kid😈😈 (@denzeldlambulo) February 1, 2021
I am so sorry Lerato, you really do not deserve this 🙏🏾 sending you love❤️❤️

— Mrs Baby (@Ntsika_) February 1, 2021

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