Lebo Mathosa’s Family talks ‘Secret Daughter’ Rumours

Lebo Mathosa’s Family talks ‘Secret Daughter’ Rumours

If there is anything Twitter is known for, it is challenges. While some are still trying to learn the dance moves to the #JohnVuliGateChallenge others have already hopped on to the mom vs me challenge. This is where celeb lookalikes pit themselves against the celeb they claim to look like.

Well, it was all fun and games until a tweep used a picture of the late Lebo Mathosa in her challenge. The resemblance was uncanny so much so that tweeps had to ask her if Lebo was indeed her late mom. In the spirit of having fun the tweep confirmed that Lebo was her mom.

Tweeps sent their condolences and even asked her if she could sing like Lebo did. Of which she says yes and also revealed that she auditioned to play young Lebo in her biopic but the part went to Bahumi.

Well one group of people who were not impressed with this was Lebo Mathosa’s family. Lebo Mathosa’s sister Queen expressed her frustration over publications running stories without fact checking.<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>My question is can you sing? I did not know your mom personally but when I heard the news I was broken..

— The Victim (@Da_Maiz) October 19, 2020

Queen went on to explain that although the tweep did it without malice, the family elders didn’t understand why someone could joke about this and were ready to have their family lawyer intervene. October 23rd was when she died so October was the worst month to do this.

Lebo Mathosa was a musical powerhouse whose music is still very much popular 14 years after she has passed on. Before there was care free anything there was Lebo Mathosa. The one-quarter of Boom Shaka took the spunk and ‘don’t-give-a-damn’ attitude that was left as a legacy by her predecessor Brenda Fassie and gave it the world. Here are a few of the songs in which she added her spice and amazing vocals on that, in turn, became the anthems of our youth.

1. Trompies Ft. Lebo Mathosa – Magasman

This song had so many quotables but people would sing along unitedly when Lebo said ‘we Magasman uyajoroza’. All the time. Not forgetting the video which always had a then conservative SA gawking.

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