Here DJ Zinhle dragged into Nelli Tembe’s death

Here DJ Zinhle dragged into Nelli Tembe’s death

Ever since Sunday when Nelli Tembe‘s incident came out, social media has been expressing different feelings on the matter as there is no concrete information on what actually happened, as yet.

Therefore some tweeps on Black Twitter took it upon themselves to be the judges of what happened to an extent of dragging people who have been once involved with Nelli’s fiance, rapper AKA. His ex-girlfriend and baby-mama DJ Zinhle and Bonang have been pointed to have something to do with Anele’s death, just because they are former rapper’s women.

Amongst many, there were a few others who voiced in defense of Zinhle and Bonang, slamming claims that they had jealous on AKA and his late wife-to-be.

“So vele insteaf of us showing support to AKA and Nellie’s family, we gonn drag Cassper, Dj Zinhle, and Bonang into this?“, one tweep wrote.

Another one had this to say:

Meanwhile, investigations are still underway and will share more details as soon as they are available.

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