GomoraMzansi: There is a new scammer in town 

GomoraMzansi: There is a new scammer in town

Cleo the scammer has seemingly successfully scammed the people of Gomora,largely thanks to Sbonga and Zodwa. Now viewers are scared for Sbonga’s life because he got the community thugs’ money in a forex scam.

Gomora fans have been shouting “don’t do it”, as one would do when watching a horror film, as they watched Sbonga (played by Khaya Mthembu) put himself in a compromising position with the people of Gomora by unintentionally helping his long-time friend Cleo (played by Nonhle Thema) scam the hell out of them.

Cleo played her cards right, like the established con woman she is, and after gathering all the cash poured into her scheme by clueless Gomora residents and thugs looking to grow their money quickly, she’s now nowhere to be found.

Sbonga and Zodwa

All sorts of people, including gangsters like MyLord and carjackers like Mazet, put money into Pusha Investment because Sbonga convinced them to invest. Now that Cleo has gone awol, Sbonga has to answer questions from people expecting that bank notification about doubling their money.

After the threats Sbonga received on Tuesday night’s episode, fans of the telenovela are scared he’s going to lose his life because of naivety.

They had memes for the occasion.

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