Ex-Minister Zwane to Zondo: The commission is abusing my generosity 

Ex-Minister Zwane to Zondo: The commission is abusing my generosity

Former Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane said that the Zondo Commission was abusing his generosity by making him answer the same questions over and over, so he would not return even if he was asked to.

Realizing that he was running out of time again, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo was contemplating inviting Zwane again.

He had been testifying about the Estina dairy farm and his trips to India which were allegedly paid for by the Guptas.

He is still expected to answer questions on the landing of the Gupta wedding jet at the Waterkloof Military Air Base, his appointment as a minister, and the role he played when Gupta bank accounts were closed.

Zwane said that he was willing to continue providing answers but he could not testify again.

“I think, honestly, that the commission is abusing my generosity, I honestly think so. My organization and myself has undertaken to help this commission and I’ve never faked. Let me request, chair, cooperation from the commission for this to be my last day.”


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