Eno Barony Talks Some Men Think I’m Transgender Girl 

Eno Barony Talks Some Men Think I’m Transgender Girl

Ghanaian female rapper Eno Barony has made a surprising explosive statement about her gender; the allegation and assumption surrounding her feminism.
Hip Hop, is the root of rap music is globally constrained as male dominant genre in the music industry. The rap culture some years back restrained women into the genre but as technology and knowledge grows, it has come to realization and a proven fact that, women can rap better than even some men who claim to be rappers.

Coming to Ghana, rap music is dominant by male musicians and the only female musician who has risen, proven to be best and standing tall with male rappers in the music industry is Eno Barony.

Born Ruth Nana Serwaa Nyame and professionally called Eno Barony has been one of the most underrated rappers in Ghana Music Industry. Rapper Eno Barony has over the years suffered in the hands of Ghanaians with so many criticisms.

Eno Barony has been over the years recorded hits after hits rap songs. After making her debut album “Yaa Asantewaa” Eno Barony shut the mouth of all critics and music analyst who have talked-ill about her craft as an artist.

One of the awkward and inappropriate critics that were pinched against her which stamped and dented her personality and brand as a female rapper was that, he looked and acted as a male rapper.

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Eno Barony music career has negatively been affected with this particular insane criticism and she has finally cleared the air about her gender.

In a desk interview on Accra-based Okay FM with host Abeiku Santana, Barony revealed that some Ghanaian men think she is a transgender woman.

According to her, she said her physical feminine stature has been one of the reasons why some Ghanaian men have had certain perception of her music brand.

To hammer on her gender once more, Eno Baronoy said she’s a natural born girl and has no transgender gene or anything connected to transgender procedure in her cells. She affirmed that she’s a beautiful Ghanaian lady and she’s proud of her body as a woman.

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