EFF demands manager of Spur in East London be fired after employee dies on job

EFF demands manager of Spur in East London be fired after employee dies on job

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is demanding that a restaurant manager be fired after an employee died at an East London eatery.

It’s alleged that Funiwe Nkebe, a mother of two, was forced to report for duty at the Las Vegas Spur at Hemingways Mall earlier this month despite informing her manager that she was ill.

The 35-year-old’s condition apparently worsened while at work and she collapsed, before later dying in hospital.

EFF members and Funiwe Nkebe’s uncle met with the restaurant’s management and they made several demands.

“We demand that the manager must be fired and that funeral costs must be covered by Spur and they must fund the education of the two daughters (4 and 7 years). They must also arrange counselling for the colleagues,” the EFF’s Siya Rumbu said.

Rumbu said that management agreed to arrange counselling, cover funeral costs, and pay for the deceased’s children’s education.

The manager has apparently been placed on special leave pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing.

Rumbu said that the deceased was scared of losing her job and that it was still unclear what caused her death.

The publication has approached Spur for comment but was directed towards the restaurant owner. Several attempts were made to reach the restaurant but they were unsuccessful.

However, recent media reports stated that management had expressed deep sadness following Nkebe’s death and further denied allegations she was forced to work while ill.


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