DNA is not bad advice’ fans react to photos of Zendaya

DNA is not bad advice’ fans react to photos of Zendaya

Photos from the birthday party Zendaya, the daughter of reality TV stars, Bambam and Teddy A, have stirred social media reactions.

The reality stars who recently celebrated their daughter’s first birthday stormed their Instagram page with beautiful moments from the birthday party.

The photos of the baby generated mixed reactions from many internet users.

While many gushed over the baby, others questioned the reality TV stars if the baby was adopted.

Netizens compared the baby’s complexion with that of her parents and advised BamBam and Teddy A to conduct a baby’s DNA test.

tayocivil: Who the pikin resemble self……why the baby white from dark parents beautiful though ❤️ anyway hbd.

omzynificent: Where the baby see YELLOW from? Father and mother are black

bankeypa: Beautiful baby but DNA is not bad advice. God of DNA need to intervene

jolominancy: Nawah the baby cute but no resemblance at all from both abi una adopt her

oluwaseun_ray: DNA text needed ASAP you guys should not come for me o

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