Dawn Thandeka on mental health issues: I Am Emotionally Drained

Dawn Thandeka on mental health issues: I Am Emotionally Drained

Diep City actress Dawn Thandeka King has opened up about mental health issues and the importance of taking care of your mental and emotional wellbeing.

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On an Insta TV video, Dawn said she is emotionally tired and people do not understand that her job comes with a lot of demands. She said she hopes that her opening up will also encourage others to open up.

“I am emotionally tired and it Is okay for me to say that. I think if I say I am emotionally tired it will encourage someone out there who Is emotionally tired and drained to say they are emotionally tired and drained,

“I think you guys think that because we are in the limelight we work on television it is just a job. It’s a job that comes with a lot of demands, when we finish shooting, we still need to come home and be moms, partners, daughters, and sisters and sometimes listen to the problems of other people when we are tired. But what happens when we are tired emotionally and psychologically?” she said.

She encouraged people to take care of their mental health and also seek help when necessary.

“Take care of yourselves mentally, if you feel you are emotionally drained perhaps speak to someone or take a time out because often we think that the illness is when there is a cut and a bleed, we need to see blood we don’t realize that there is pain inside. ”

The star also made it clear that she will not be returning to Uzalo. However, she said she will be back in Diep City soon.

Dawn recently put the organizers of the Inaugural Awards on blast for allegedly not paying her for the award she won last year at the Inaugural Awards Ceremony.

She told Ilanga newspaper that she only received R20 000 of the R100 000 that she was promised.

“This event was held in December last year, I was told that my payment would be made in March, but up until now, I haven’t received anything. There was a situation that forced me to move from Durban to Gauteng, I explained to the organizers how much I need this money. They promised to make a deposit as soon as possible but that didn’t happen,” she was quoted as saying.

She allegedly told the publication that she had to send males to speak to the organizers on her behalf as she believed they would take advantage of her because she is a woman.

“When I lost my father last month, I called one of the organizers Mhlonishwa Gumede, and told him that I need the money. I even sent male messengers to speak to him as he would’ve taken me for granted because I am a woman but still he refused to pay me,”

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