Covid-19: Khanyi Mbau on downgrading her home because of 

Covid-19: Khanyi Mbau on downgrading her home because of

Khanyi Mbau, in letting have fans access into her life through her popular BET reality show, “Mbau Reloaded: Always Rise,” has cemented that she is our favorite ghetto snob with bags on bags.

Khanyi Mbau

One of the matters that Khanyi touched on with the release of the second episode of the show was the matter of her new home. Khanyi is the queen of overhauling, which is most evident with how often she restarts her Instagram page. Honestly, we have to be grateful for the beginning of the reality show, or the star would have already overhauled the home thing again.

Khanyi Mbau Metanoia

However, back to the point. Earlier this year, Khanyi started posted selfies of her in the new home. At first the thought was that she had posted the selfie from a hotel room, considering the white décor and windows that let in the light. However, following a trend of her posting the selfies in the same space, it started becoming apparent that the house was the new Mbau abode and that led to fans of the star wanting to see the entire home.

Khanyi finally showcased the house during the latest episode of the reality. Previously, we had never gotten an insider’s look into the first home but even seeing this home it is clear that the house is massive. But not for the formerly known as the Queen of Bling entertainer. Khanyi confessed during the show that she wanted to “downgrade,” hence she purchased her all-white home.

But what confused the masses is her referring to her home as a downgrade
So a tweep also took to Twitter to question whether Khanyi was serious in calling her new home a “downgrade.” Khanyi addressed the matter and confirmed that she considers this home a “downgrade.” But also it might make sense considering that in her previous home, the good sis had the company of a man living with her. Therefore, when that ended it makes sense that the home would feel “massive.

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