Breaking: Top Government Official Fired With Immediate Effect for R330 Million PPE Tender Fraud

Breaking: Top Government Official Fired With Immediate Effect for R330 Million PPE Tender Fraud

The country there’s been having its share of problems ever since the pandemic reached the shores of South Africa. One of these problems has been the issue of corruption around money that is meant for the relief for the people to do the coronavirus. One of the famous frauds or scandals have ever done in the country during this pandemic was the alleged looting of R500 billion from the government.

Even up to this point, the government still cannot explain exactly what happened to all of this money. One of the things that were used to loot this money was PPE tender fraud as the rise of the virus needed a lot of protective wear around government institutions. Many top politicians were involved in this PPE fraud and one by one they are starting to fall. One official just got dismissed with immediate effect.

According to recent reports from the South African special investigative unit, a Very prominent member of the Gauteng provincial government has been dismissed. Thandiwe Pino worked at the Gauteng department of health as the chief director of supply chain management. This meant that she was mostly responsible for giving out Tender for the PPE that the department of health needed.

It’s is reported that since 2020, Thandiwe handed out a total of R330 million worth of PPE Tenders that have been found as irregular. As the Chief director of these Supply chains, she used this opportunity to make extra cash from those she awarded the tender to.

Towards the end of 2020 Thandiwe was suspended following an investigation that was started by the hawks and the special investigative unit. It was said that if they are to find her guilty, she’ll have to face the consequences. The special investigative unit finally reached this conclusion of the investigation and it has found that indeed she was involved in all of this tender fraud and she was instantly dismissed from her position and now she is to face legal action. Many people were worried about how come she only got dismissed instead of being arrested, but as the rule of law the dismissal is the first thing that comes and then the criminal charges will follow.

What is your take on the matter? What do you think should be done with people like her who use their position in government to make money?

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