Breaking News! Bodies of 2 kids found in Sangoma’s pit toilet

Breaking News! Bodies of 2 kids found in Sangoma’s pit toilet



Parents and residents were left traumatised after the bodies of two four-year-old kids were found in a pit toilet on Monday.

Parents of Puseletso Tsotetsi and Mpho Mangwane from Ga-Moeka, North West, claimed a local sangoma, who owned the yard where they were found, killed their children.

Puseletso’s mum, Motlalepule, said the kids went missing on Sunday, and the families asked the community to help search for them.

“While we were searching, some people saw a sangoma woman burning rubbish and sweeping at midnight, which they found strange.”

Motlalepule said the next day, they were called by neighbours informing them that the kids had been found in the sangoma’s yard.

the pit where they were found dead

“We found them dead. It was traumatising and it still is,” she said.

Mpho’s great-grandmother Esther Mojali said she was heartbroken.

Esther Mojali

“When we were looking for the kids around their yard, they said they had not seen them,” she said.

Esther claimed the sangoma didn’t even look surprised.

“She was standing far from us, which was suspicious,” she said.

After the bodies were found, the community burnt down her house.

Mpho MangwanePuseletso Tsotetsi

Police then took the sangoma and her husband in for questioning.

The parents said they wanted the sangoma to rot in jail, adding that she recently returned to the village after being away for a year.

Police spokesman Captain Kay Makhubele said no arrests have been made yet.

“Police are investigating an inquest docket and a case of arson after the house next to the pit toilet where the kids were found drowned was burnt. We urge the community not to take the law into their own hands,” he said.

-daily sun

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