3 times Diamond’s family shocked netizens

3 times Diamond’s family shocked netizens

Diamond Platnumz is a hot topic in the news. Sometimes with his amazing music breaking the internet. Sometimes, it’s to show off his new girlfriends. But many times, it’s not him in the headlines – it’s his family!

Family tea ALWAYS being spilled.

The Platnumz clan is usually very vocal about their issues. With Diamond being such a big star, it’s no wonder. Here are three times his fam shocked us with their antics.

Diamond’s sister Esma Khan going to jail?
Reportedly, Diamond’s sister may be in legal trouble. Her soon to be ex-husband, Msizwe, is looking to get legal action taken against her for terminating her pregnancy. According to Esma, she had done this because she didn’t love her husband. She felt that there was no point in siring a child if there was no love in the relationship. But her former husband claims that he didn’t know about her pregnancy and is furious with the situation. Msizwe also says that he went through a lot during the marriage. She is his third wife. The duo had a huge star-studded wedding very recently. Things were going well until Diamond’s sister decided to leave her husband.

Why is Diamond’s father looking like a homeless person?
Diamond’s father, mzee Abdul Naseeb, was spotted looking tired and ragged in a recent photo of him boarding a PSV and carrying a large sack. It went viral, with many of Diamond’s fans wondering why the billionaire super star wasn’t helping him out.

Diamond and his father very recently came together. It seems that his father had left his mother and the two reunited only after 20 long years. In fact, Diamond has previously stated that he felt his father had abandoned his family. That doesn’t stop his father from speaking to the media about Diamond’s personal life. This includes his previous marriage to Tanasha Donna.

Is Diamond’s Mother A Cougar?
Diamond’s mother is reportedly married to a younger man! While she was in Paris, she met the man in the airport while collecting her baggage. Over time, the two got to know each other and eventually fell in love. The man, in his 30s, married Diamond’s mother, in her 50s. He goes by the name Uncle Shamste and shares insights about Diamond’s mom. He says she feels really sad when people criticize her son on social media. She’s apparently blocked almost 20,000 people online!

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