Update! Zara’s Nikah Thursday 24 September 2020

Update! Zara’s Nikah Thursday 24 September 2020

Zara is tensed and recalls how Kabir said he would answer her questions tonight. Zara sees Zeenat on call. Zeenat takes a call from forensic department, officer says we are dispatching reports to your house. Zara comes to her and asks if everything is fine? Zeenat says yes.

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 23 September 2020
Zara asks what is it? Zeenat says my sister is being throw out. Zara says I am not against Ruksaar, I am just trying to save my love and life, even if poison comes in report, trust me after her divorce with Kabir, I will take care of Ruksaar for life, dont worry, she leaves. Zeenat murmurs no.. I wont leave my sister at anyone’s mercy, I will create situations where Kabir wont be able to divorce Ruksaar. Shahbaz calls everyone in lounge and says forensic report is here. He reads it and says Zara was right, there was poison in juice. Ayesha thanks God and says we have valid reason to give divorce to Ruksaar. She asks Alina to bring Ruksaar there. Zara says I will bring her. She brings her on wheelchair. Zara says to Kabir that divorce her now, we have valid reason, what are you waiting for? Kabir is tensed. Zara says come on. Kabir is about to but Zeenat comes there with Irfan and says stop. All are confused. All gree him. Zeenat says to Irfan that one side is your daughter and otherside is a girl Ruksaar whom you call daughter too, I am sure you will do justice. Irfan says to Kabir that you can divorce person who can hear and understand you, Ruksaar is in coma so she cant listen or understand you, her breathing is normal but she doesnt have senses, her ears are open but she cant listen, till she cant listen to you, you cant divorce her. Zeenat smiles.\

Zara is tensed and falls down. Zeenat says to Ruksaar that I am with you and wont let anything against you happen, she takes her from there. Zara sadly leaves. Kabir prays to God that Zara gets happy but her happiness is taken away everytime, I dont know what to do, I dont know when will Ryuksaar wake up but please let my love heal Zara’s pain.

Zara is lying on bed and thinks what Kabir is going to tell her tonight?
Kabir takes a shower and gets ready. He smiles. His image says you look happy, Kabir says you cant see my happiness? image says you have two wives and you have to be equal to them for justice. Kabir says I am always just, my God knows my intentions. Image says you are not divorced with Ruksaar yet. Kabir says I will divorce her for sure to continue my journey with Zara, image says what if Ruksaar never comes back from coma? Kabir says I will not do injustice with Ruksaar, I will divorce her when she comes to life but I cant do injustice with Zara, I cant let her happiness stop because I cant divorce Ruksaar? Zara has had to bear enough for Ruksaar, I will do everything for Ruksaar’s treatment but I wont let Zara’s happiness, dreams go to vein for that.

Kabir comes to Zara. Zara wipes her tears. Kabirs sits near bed and shows her flowers, he says its a special delivery for Kabir and Zara. Zara says what is it for? I want to ask why you didnt let me bring Ruksaar in my room and take care of her? Kabir says come and see behind me. Zara comes and sees ‘I love you Zara’ written on cupboard. She looks away. Kabir says you want answer? He says if Ruksaar was here in this room, would we be together and so close? He pulls her on his lap and says would we be able to make this night more beautiful? thats why I didnt let Ruksaar in this room and kept her in different room. Zara gets up and looks away, she says you are a priest, you always talked about justice then how can you forget that Ruksaar might be in coma but she is still in our lives, how can we spend a night together? Kabir says by love, think who is standing infront of you? Zara says priest. Kabir says no, only lover, who loves you a lot. Kabir pulls her closer and says our closeness is about our love, its more than my duty. Zara hugs him and says we love each other a lot but our helplessness doesnt let us closer. Kabir says I forgot a thing, he makes her stand up and lifts her, he puts her on bed and says your light, your smell.. I was forgetting it these past days, I think solution is to forget everything and live the life which had our love and happiness, lets start it again. Dhal jaun main plays, Kabir kisses her forehead and caresses her cheek. They lean in, he is about to kiss her but Zara moves back and blows off candle, she says I am sorry, I want you to love me unconditionally, that this night never ends but my honor questions me that either Kabir is fully mine or not, I know Ruksaar is in coma and nobody knows when she will wake up but I cant forget that she is still between our lives. Zara says for my identity, she has to come back, till she doesnt come out of coma, till she is in our lives till then we will live in a house but separated, when she becomes fine, divorce her, make her away from our lives then we will be happy in our lives but till then.. we will stay away from each other. Kabir says your emotions are right, I got distracted by your love, we can do a thing, we can go to doctor and ask how we can help her.

In morning, Zara and Kabir meets doctor. Zara says to doctor that Ruksaar liked Kabir most. Doctor says then Kabir has to do something for her. He asks which thing she didnt like at all? Zara says me. Doctor says you remain close to Ruksaar so she gets angry and her brain cells will trigger.

Zara and Kabir comes home. Zeenat asks if he talked to doctor? Kabir says yes, we have to do everything to trigger Ruksaar, he jokes that Kashan can sing to her, Kashan says I cant. Kabir tells a plan to family.

Kabir is eating ice-cream and says Imran used to say that ice-cream stops sleep. Zara says its a big test for you. Kabir says I cant see anyone else other than you but I have to pretend like I love Ruksaar, I have to do it for my love, I will do drama but can you see your husband in Ruksaar’s arms. Zara says I am not staying in room. Kabir says then I wont be able to touch Ruksaar. Zara says I will stay in room, love is difficult but I will do anything to get you, she holds his hand, he makes her eat ice-cream.

Someone comes to Ruksaar’s room and starts pushing her wheelchair.
Kabir and Zara comes to Ruksaar’s room and doesnt find her, they are shocked. They start searching for her. Ruksaar’s wheelchair is rolling in house.
Kabir and Zara goes to Zeenat’s room and sees her singing ek hazaron mein meri behna hai to Ruksaar. Zeenat cries and asks Ruksaar to call her sister once, I am dying to hear that. She brings earrings and says you wanted these family earrings? take them, everyone is okay with you, you wanted to be Kabir’s wife? I will talk to Kabir, Zara will accept you as her sister. Ayesha and Shahbaz will accept you as daughter in law of this house, I promise I will talk to Kabir, he will give you rights as his wife, you will live as my sister in law in this house.. just call me sister once. She cries. Kabir comes in and says dont cry, she will become fine soon and she will call you sister, I will return Ruksaar to you soon, let me be wit her, he takes Ruksaar from there.

Kabir brings Ruksaar to her room and says I have created a surprise for you. Zara comes there too. Kabir says you wanted me to steal this from Ayesha, I never thought I would do it but I have brought your favorite perfume from Ayesha, I will make you wear it with my hands. He touches her neck and applies it. Zara looks away. Kabir says I have brought food for you too. He takes food from Zara who glares at him. Kabir says to Ruksaar that I made this food for you, please eat it from my hands. Zara says you never cooked for me, what is all this? Kabir pulls her aside and says I am acting, if you cant bear it then go. Zara says I am not going anywhere. Kabir says then stand and watch. Kabir brings rose to Ruksaar and says I will bring these for you daily from now on, he hugs her and says if you love me then give it back to me. Ruksaar doesnt move. Kabir says to Ruksaar that if you dont take a bite from me then I would kiss your forehead. He tries to make her eat but Zara pushes him off. Kabir says I told you if you cant bear it then leave. Zara says I told you that I cant share you and nobody can come between us, I will throw her out of life and we will be fine. She starts taking Ruksaar from there. Kabir says what are you doing? Zara says she tried to kill us both, why are thinking good for her? we have had enough of her, I wont let her stay here anymore, she had destroyed our lives, why did we show her humanity. Zara says to Ruksaar that you dont deserve to be here, I will throw you out, if you have guts then speak, I know you are doing drama of coma. All family members come there and try to stop Zara. Zara says its enough, I will throw her out of this house. Zeenat is running behind her. Zara is taking Ruksaar out of house. Zara tries to put Ruksaar in car. Zeenat stops her and says what are you doing? she is my sister, not some orphan, you cant do that with her, she is in coma. Zra says she should have thought all that when she was planning to kill us, she is a pain for us and its better if we throw her out, she is about to push her but Kabir stops her and says Ruksaar is my wife and I wont let you do anything to her, like you are my wife, she is my wife too, who are you to take this decision and throw her out like this? she is my wife and you cant decide for her, you came in my life somedays back but Ruksaar has been with me and in this house since childhood, she is in coma because she loves me, this coma is because of her struggle to be with me, she did everything to make a relation with me, how dare you throw her out? I.. I love her. All are stunned. Kabir says I didnt want to say it but I have started loving her, yes I have a place for Ruksaar in my heart. Zara says you destroyed my life saying you loved me and now you are saying this. Kabir says you destroyed Ruksaar’s life. Alina screams that I saw Ruksaar moving her lashes, all rush to her. Zeenat asks her to blink one more time.

Alina says I am sure she blinked. Shahbaz says Ruksaar we are all here for you. Ayesha says younger daughter in law, lets go home with us. Zeenat cries. Alina says I really saw it. Kabir asks Alina to take her to her room. Alina goes with Ruksaar. Kabir smiles at Zara. Zara laughs. Ayesha says Alina must have imagined it. Kabir says camera must have captured it. Zara says we were doing drama and its recorded. Kabir says we will know soon.

All family members watch CCTV footage and they find Ruksaar blinking in camera, all are happy. Ayesha says it shows that she will be fine soon.

Reema says to Zara that you are digging a grave for yourself? why are you making Ruksaar come to consciousness? what will you do then? Zara says if she comes to conscious, we will make her explain that she was wrong to force Kabir to make relation with her, she will remarry and leave us. Reema says how can you trust her? you saved her earlier too but she didnt change, I know she will create a havoc again, she killed Hamdan, tried to kill Kabir, cut her wrist and also drank poison.. after all this you think she will leave Kabir? let her be in coma only, I know she will create chaos after becoming conscious. Zara says I will make Kabir divorce her as soon as she becomes conscious. Reema says this is not right. Alina calls them.

In lounge, Ayesha says to family that our plan is working, Zeenat says we didnt decide to put camera there. Kabir says Zara suggested to put camera there. Shahbaz says you have given us a hope now. Zara says me and Kabir are trying, only God can help. Shahbaz asks whats the next step? Kabir says nikah, it was her biggest dream to marry me. Reema says how can you remarry her? Kabir says its kutba, since this is a drama so there will be no khutba, when I will say qubool hai then she will have to answer back qubool hai, we are already married so I can say qubool hai. Reema says you remarried Zara because of love but this is not right, its about Zara’s emotions. Kabir says this is just a drama, its Ruksaar’s biggest dream and when I say qubool hai, Ruksaar will answer me back. Zara is tensed.

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